New Xiaomi 'Cristal Ultra Quad-Curved' 2021

Xiaomi  'Cristal Ultra Quad-Curved'

In recent days we have seen how technology companies that did not have so much prestige have begun to innovate in an exponential way, leaving a little in the background the brands that had a great dominance in this area.

This is the case of Xiaomi, who this week have revolutionized the networks with what could be their new remote wireless charger, but that is not enough, they have today presented a conceptual phone that will not leave anyone indifferent.

This new device of the brand would have a four-curved waterfall screen, which, according to the company, would achieve an 88-degree curve on all four sides, which would eliminate any frame or bezel from the phone.

Although there are not many details about this new device, it is expected that the camera will be under the screen, because the curves are quite steep and would not leave room for it.

As new information about this device comes out, we will update the details.

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