Rainbow Six Siege's match replay tool is a cheater's worst nightmare

For the past five years, Rainbow Six Siege has been the only game that gets me paranoid about cheaters. It's not something that comes up in every match I play, but when I do see something suspicious from an enemy or teammate, it's all I can think about. I spend the rest of the match looking for signs, examining their profile, and deliberating on whether or not I should report them.
The problem is that cheating can be really hard to detect in Siege, where a normal round often includes non-cheaters using sound and game sense to headshot someone straight through a wall. Good Siege players look like they could be hacking even when they aren't, so when a cheater comes along with a wallhack or an aimbot, it's not hard for them to masquerade as the real deal. That is, until Match Replay finally arrived last month.

Match Replay automatically records all of your recent matches and lets you play them back in-game from the perspective of any player. Fans have enjoyed replays for years in shooters like Overwatch and CS:GO as a way to improve their game or save memorable moments. Most important to Siege, however, is the tool's ability to finally answer the question: Was that guy cheating?
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