Ultra Music Festival (UMF) and Miami city residents reach agreement

 After a long, often painful dispute, the organizers of the Ultra Music Festival and the residents of downtown Miami reached an agreement to ease the tensions related to the local unrest. Ultra and the Urban Neighborhood Alliance (a community organization representing more than a dozen residential communities) have announced that the festival will implement a "Community Standard Program" to address a series of issues such as construction schedules, park closures, traffic management and noise impact . 

Residents of Ultra Miami, which has been held in Miami since 1999, have expressed their condolences for its booming bass and the disruption of local infrastructure. Out of complaints about the noise, Miami officials eventually withdrew him from his home in Bay Park in 2018, forcing the organizers to relocate to Virginia Key in Miami. The move led to a festival that the Super Representative deemed "not outstanding enough" in a statement, which also announced the company's voluntary termination of its Miami City license.

In 2020, more than a dozen residents from the Downtown Neighbors League filed a lawsuit against Ultra in the Miami-Dade Circuit Court, seeking to block the City Council’s vote to host the event in Bayfront Park. However, the long-standing dispute seems to have been resolved.

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