Music Group

Divisong Music Group is an Ecuadorian independent record label and publisher.

Founded in 2020 by the Ecuadorian Dj and Producer Guisseppe Aviles (AKA; Gsel, Andre Aviles). Divisong Music Group is currently recognized as one of the leading labels in both the commercial and underground markets in Ecuador. Divisong Music Group houses the sub-labels, An Other House Label (AOHL), Divisong Electronic, Divisong Urban, Divisong Pop, and also has an alliance with TrrnlSlf and other Ecuadorian music companies.

Beginning in 2016 under the name of Mega Sounds, I started with a curators project within YouTube that would then go on to launch their first exclusive songs under the name Liberty Records which would be renamed Divisong Network, finally with different creative paths but the same ideology. It goes on to become an entertainment company to form different subsidiaries, giving way in 2020 to the Divisong Music Group brand.